Distributed Products 


OpDAQ System is a designated distributor of the products from Binsfeld Engineering and KRAL, both world renowned manufacturers in their field.

The power of team work

The joining of forces, the sharing of ideas, constructive criticism are all known to enhance productivity, stimulate creativity and improve the reliabity of products. In other words, there is much to gain by working as a team. As such, OpDAQ Systems maintains tight partnerships with the two leading equipment manufacturers.

OpDAQ Systems has developped complete performance monitoring systems that complement the reliability of KRAL Flowmeters and the precision of Binsfeld Engineering instruments along with other key sensors to deliver simple, accurate and highly customizable solutions to a great number of clients.

Improved logistics

In addition to developing integrated systems, OpDAQ Systems is both official distributor and certified installer of KRAL and Binsfeld products. It is a 3-in-1 advantage for the customer who gets quality products, excellent service and custom solutions all within one dedicated team.

By choosing OpDAQ Systems distributed products you get a professionnal and experienced team of engineers and technicians at your location, anywhere in the world. We offer an all-in-one solution that includes installation, support, custom solution development and more. This has proven to be a great advantage for restricted access areas and remote locations, where security and costs control are essential.