Company Description

KRAL-USA Inc, located in Matthews, NC, is the US headquarter for KRAL AG a company based in Austria. The company leads in the area of pump, fluid handling and flow meter technology with innovative solutions to meet industry demands.

KRAL offers high quality screw pumps, positive displacement flow meters and fluid handling solutions.

Case Study

The United Steamship company DFDS Seaways is a company based in Denmark that operates combined ferries that transports both passengers and freight. In 2012, the company has installed a total of 27 KRAL fuel consumption measuring systems on 3 of its ships: Dover, Delft and Dunkerke-Seaways. In order to manage the great amount of data gathered by those systems, KRAL also supplied 9 fuel consumption monitoring systems that were designed in partnership with OpDAQ Systems.

This project represented an important investment; the total charges reflect the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the products and services. However, it is possible to observe significant improvements within a very short period of use as expressed in the following extract:

Nigel Cureton, Fleet Manager of the Dover Seaways, particularly values the product quality and competent support, from the system design through to the installation and commissioning, by KRAL. A considerable amount of fuel could already be saved within a brief period.1

In addition to the optimization of fuel consumption for the whole ship, through better monitoring, the systems were installed on various parts of the ships (main engines, power generators and burners). This set-up enables a more versatile analysis of consumption that provides ample diagnostics and improvements scenarios while still saving fuel daily!

To read the complete press release published on the MarineLink online magazine, click here .

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