Embedded Systems


OpDAQ Systems offers a powerful  and autonomous set of embedded systems designed toprocess, filter, calculate and analyse  a great number of key  sensors and parameters.

The embedded systems were originally developed for the marine sector and have rapidly become very popular.Since then, most  of our systems have been succesfully adapted for use in a number of other industrial applications. Our range of products has been expanding to adapt to the growing needs of our clients who appreciate highly customizable products and solutions. No special request is too special for our dedicated, highly competent and  versatile professional development team.

Measurement of key parameters, namely torque, RPM and fuel consumption, is trusted to two world renowned equipement manufacturers* to provide the most reliable collected data and enable precise analysis and reports. The systems include a high performance processor that allows near instantaneous filtering and calculations for real-time display of parameters such as specific fuel consumption (SFC), power and speed.

*See the Distributed Products section for more information about the products offered by our partners - Binsfeld Engineering and KRAL.

Case Study

E-mail performance reports: A real-time fleet management solution

The Op-Torq Advanced system with the optional e-mail report and GPS signal modules has proven to be a very interesting solution for Atlantic Towing Ltd, a company that operates a large fleet of tug boats. After completing the installation of the system to measure fuel consumption, speed and power on each ship, the company is now able to collect ship specific operational data in real-time via the automatic e-mail report module. The result is a precise fleet  performance profile that enables the company to quickly adjust its strategy, rapidly determine its operational costs or set new operational instructions for the entire fleet resulting in substantial energy (and money!) savings.