Product Description

The Op-Torq is a powerful embedded system designed to display, log and analyse torque and power from Binsfeld EngineeringTorqueTrak series instruments.

The Op-Torq is built around a Main Terminal, which is a compact rugged computer that can log up to ten years of data. The data logged on the Main Terminal is displayed on an 8 inches touch screen monitor and is available to download on a USB drive to be analysed by our DATAVIEW software. 

Case Study

In marine applications, the Op-Torq systems have been used numerous times to help mechanical engineers balance propulsion engines, improve maintenance schedules and troubleshoot overall performance.

OpDAQ Systems has recently installed the Op-Torq System along with the TorqueTrak Revolution from Binsfeld Engineering on the main engines of two important military vessels for the continuous monitoring of performance. The client chose to add a GPS signal to the system, taking full advantage of the system’s versatility to obtain a complete performance profile, perform in-depth analysis and create detailed reports.

The use of the Op-Torq System on the ships has given  the ship personnel the information needed to improve maintenance program scheduling as well as reducing spare parts expenses.