Op-Torq Advance

Product Description

The Op-Torq Advance system is designed to display, log and analyse power, RPM, Torque and fuel consumption from Binsfeld Engineering TorqueTrak series and KRAL flowmeters. The Op-Torq Advance system also integrates data from the shipboard GPS in order to monitor ship speed.

The Op-Torq Advance is built around a Main Terminal, which is a compact rugged industrial computer that can log up to one year of data. The data logged on the Main Terminal is displayed on an 8 inches touch screen monitor. Data logged is also available to download on a USB drive or, as an option, can be emailed at any time on any computer. Collected data can be analysed by our software called Op-TorqDATAVIEW. 

Case Study

Intercontinental shipping: Real-time fuel consumption for better planning

With the overall goal of optimizing its operations, one client chose to install the Op-Torq Advance system on the main engines of one of its intercontinental bulkers. The full system included KRAL fuel consumption measurement system along with Binsfeld Engineering TorqueTrak Revolution instruments. In order to take full advantage of the system’s capabilities, the client chose to add a GPS signal to the system and, at a later time, added the e-mail reports module.

OpDAQ Systems full offer of service included a preliminary visit to the ship to obtain the precise ship and engine configuration. That first step enabled the proper sizing of the equipement, insuring a precise fit during installation and commissionning. Finally, after a few successful runs with the system, the client purchased the optional e-mail reports module to send real-time updates to headquarters. The addition of this module required only a quick visit from one of our technicians.

The choice to install OpDAQ Systems performance monitoring system proved to be a particularly profitable decision for this intercontinental shipping company. Receiving real-time fuel consumption reports, via e-mail, coupled with the ship’s position, now enables Management to better plan refuelling operations. In addition, ship personnel have all the tools necessary to operate at peak efficiency during transit,  resulting in further money savings.