Op-Torq EKW

Product Description

The Op-Torq EKW, a genset performance monitoring system, measures fuel consumption using KRAL flowmeters along with the generated electrical power and integrates the data to present a clear and informative display of fuel consumption, power and specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC).The system includes analytical and statistical tools to facilitate diagnostics, show the history of events and more.

The Op-Torq EKW is built around a Main Terminal, which is a compact rugged industrial computer that can log up to one year of data. The data logged on the Main Terminal is displayed on a touch screen monitor. Data logged is also available to download on a USB drive or, as an option, can be emailed at any time on any computer. Collected data can be further analysed by our software called DATAVIEW.

Case Study

In 2013, OpDAQ Systems has installed its genset performance monitoring systems onto 8 generators of a power plant in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. E-Power needed to monitor fuel supply more closely and also wanted to optimize energy production.

The whole plant is now equipped with high quality KRAL volumeters. The data supplied by the volumeters is integrated with the generated electric power to obtain the specific fuel oil consumption (SFOC) of each generator. The whole system developped by OpDAQ enables comparisons between the generators to detect eventual variations in production.

For the Managers at E-Power the new system represents a gold mine of information. The company already wishes to improve the system to include ambient temperature to the consumption calculations which will be mdofied to be compliant with quality standard ISO3046/1. The main supply tank level will also be integrated to the system.

Prior to this project, OpDAQ Systems main focus had been on mechanical power and fuel consumption. Adding electrical power to its field of expertise resulted in a unique and exceptionally precise system.