Portable Units


Designed and continuously improved by our field team and R&D centre, OpDAQ Systems Portable Units offer a simple, compact and flexible solution for your field performance measurements.

The Op-Torq FieldTest Portable Units are built to work in conjunction with Binsfeld Engineering’s Torquetrak 10K and Torquetrak Revolution measurement instruments. The acquisition module is capable of monitoring torque and power for up to four engines for temporary measurement or recurrent analysis.

Shared features include the possibility of adding inputs from other instruments (not included) for analysis by the Field Test software as well as an optional GPS channel.

Inquire about the multiple options available for the portable units. A unique situation sometimes requires unique equipment.

Case Study

For a very economical performance monitoring solution or for investigating premature wear or breakage, OpDAQ Systems Portable Units can be rented as a stand-alone kit or coupled with a call from our experienced technical team. The ship or voyage performance report (or sea trial) includes the equipement, the expertise AND a detailed report ready for the supervisor’s desk or further analysis.

Newly built vessels: Validating performance requirements during a sea-trial

An important shipyard chose to hire OpDAQ Systems expertise in performance monitoring to validate the specific engine performance requirements prior to the vessels delivery to the client.  Developing a trial protocol was joint operation between OpDAQ Systems Engineers and shipyard personnel. Measurements were taken over a two day period following a quick installation of the intruments by our technicians. At the end of the trial, every piece of equipement was neatly removed leaving the vessel in perfect condition.The service always includes a detailed report of the trials and follow-up support if needed.

Sea trials and performance audits are proving to be a very popular option. OpDAQ Systems, with the FieldTest Portable Units, provides cost effective solutions, quick and efficient service, detailed and personnalized reports, exceptional support and more.