Op-Torq Field Test TT Revolution

Product Description

The Op-Torq FieldTest TTRevo Portable Unit is a data acquisition system designed specifically for medium term or periodic measurement of torque, RPM and more. It is designed to be used with the TorqueTrak Revolution instruments from Binsfeld Engineering.

For maritime use, sea trials or any other transportation context, a GPS connexion is available. The acquisition module can also integrate up to 4 additional analog inputs, usually added in order to measure significant environmental factors. The system always includes the FieldTest software for processing, recording, displaying and analysing output from the instruments and sensors. 

Case Study

The fieldTest TTRevo Portable Unit has also been used for sea trials. Indeed, all of Binsfeld Engineering torque and RPM measurement instruments require no shaft modification and still provide extremely reliable data. Also, the TorqueTrak Revolution, being connected to the ship’s power supply, can be kept operational for long periods and can thus be used for periodic trials.

Fuel additives – Validate performance improvement using the FieldTest TTRevo portable unit

One client used the FieldTest TTRevo portable unit to validate the performance of a fuel additive. The system was used in various tests (with and without the additive) in order to provide reliable data for the client to calculate the cost effectiveness of the fuel additive solution and  quantify the performance ratio.