Op-Torq Field Test TT10k

Product Description

The Op-Torq FieldTest TT10K Portable Unit is a data acquisition system designed specifically for temporary measurements of torque, RPM and more.

The system includes the FieldTest software for processing, recording, displaying and analysing the data from up to four TorqueTrak 10K units from Binsfeld Engineering. This product has been extensively field tested and is being continually improved by our R&D Department. It  is  a  popular and economical choice for performance trials and for troubleshooting engine performance problems.

For maritime use, sea trials or any other transportation setting, a GPS connexion is available. The acquisition module can also integrate up to 4 additional analog inputs, usually added in order to measure significant environmental factors.

Case Study

Engine replacement: Determining the needed maximum output parameters using OpDAQ’s FieldTest Portable Unit.

Ship replacement is an expensive project. The owner of a steam ship who wanted to keep his historical ship profile took the decision to replace only the main engines. However, the project involved more than a simple replacement since it was suspected that the original engines were developing much more  power than was needed. In order to select a suitable fuel powered engine, the owner elected to use the FieldTest monitoring system to collect relevant  data (RPM, torque) and produce a detailed  statistical analysis. The test results indicated the real engine power output needed during manoeuvers, operation and cruise speed. With all the information provided by the FieldTest Module, the owner was able to determine the best option.