Op-Torq Module Expander Box

Product Description

The FieldTest Expander Box allows the addition of up to two TorqueTrak 10K units for the temporary monitoring of up to four shafts simultaneously.

Important:This module is an optional feature that requires the acquisition of the FieldTest TT10K portable unit.

Case Study

The ability to monitor up to four TorqueTrak 10K (TT10K) simultaneously can be particularly useful in a project where differential torque and power measurements are needed. For example, one might want to determine the exact loss of power caused by a gearbox or investigate premature wear that results in costly breakage.

Running a series of tests where the sensors must be removed and reinstalled at another location can be time consuming. Replicating the exact same conditions for each test, manually compiling data and composing with possible sensor damage can make the task very difficult, if not impossible. Having the ability to measure torque at multiple points simultaneously is not only time efficient but also allows a more precise analysis especially with the use of our FieldTest software