OpDAQ Systems prides itself on its innovative, simple and straightforward designs and solutions. Our versatile professional team is able to take on all aspects of project management from need analysis, design and development all the way to the final report. In addition, friendly and timely support are garanteed.

Building on our strong industrial expertise and strategic partnerships we offer performance evaluation,  full installation and commisionning as well as  detailed reports through our existing and highly adaptable line of products. We also provide custom development services.

Case Study

OpDAQ Systems has had the opportunity to collaborate with non-profit organizations and governement agencies  on a number of interesting research projects. Our team’s extensive field experience and knowledge of marine engineering have proven to be particularly valuable in projects involving the fishing industry.

The PANDALUS project, phase II: Evaluation of new fishing equipment and practices

OpDAQ Systems had the opportunity to participate in the second phase of a project to evaluate the performance of a new type of fishing gear in reducing drag and fuel consumption. The northern shrimp fishing industry has tight profit margins, not unlike most of the marine sector and fuel costs represent a significant portion of operations costs. Fuel comsumption can thus be used a one parameter in the evaluation of the performance of a new technology  when referenced to regular equipement.

OpDAQ Systems expertise was commissioned for the trials at sea that were conducted using the FieldTest portable unit. Using the FieldTest unit can be a great help in gathering sufficient data to calculate the relevant parameters needed to draw a conclusion:

... a torque sensor was used to evaluate continuous engine power needed to tow the trawl. The simulations and tests at sea show that the new fishing gear generates 5% less drag while capturing all the shrimp. This results in a reduction of 4% of fuel consumption for the same trawling speed.1

The field team at OpDAQ Systems is composed of certified engineers and experienced technicians. Our distinctive approach can be best described as professional and versatile. We adapt to serve any field or situation, whether it is commercial, industrial or R&D. Indeed, we do have our own R&D Department!

1 RIVIERRE, Antoine, Laurent SEYCHELLES, Yoland PLOURDE. Projet PANDALUS phase II : Optimisation énergétique dans l’utilisation des chaluts à crevettes.Merinov, Rapport de R-D n° 11-04. p. vii