Design and System integration


We offer a custom development service for any particular project in data acquisition or for integrating output from an existing instrument for performance measurements.

If you have a special project in mind, our team of engineers and technicians,  with its wide experience in prototyping, is always up to the challenge.

Case Study

New technology: Development and integration of a cross-polarized marine radar aboard CCGS HENRY LARSEN.

A defining moment for OpDAQ Systems: Getting the contract of developing the second phase of a major project involving the Transport Development Centre of Transport Canada and the Canadian Coast Guard.

Recent ice formations are much easier to break than older ones. The development and integration of a cross-polarized marine radar would allow for better ice detection by helping to detect newly formed ice. That, in turn, would minimize costly delays and repairs to the ships navigating in the Arctic and improve the safety of the crews.

A project to showcase OpDAQ Systems versatility, resourcefulness and professionalism!

For such a project involving important collaborative work, the development team at OpDAQ has the ability to draw upon past experiences and surround itself with additional expertise, if needed. The project required extensive knowledge and expertise in fields such as radar and microwave theory, electronics, mechanics programming and shipboard environments, as well as strong project management skills.

The final product met, and sometimes exceeded, all the specified requirements and was successfully delivered onboard the CCGS Henry Larsen. More details about the project are available here, through the Canadian Coast Guard website.