Performance Evaluation


With a highly qualified team and using only the best sensors , OpDAQ Systems offers a cutting edge performance evaluation service.  From simple equipment installation to a complete third party performance evaluation, we can provide the key information required to optimize your operations. With experience in marine, diesel power generation, railway, mining and other industries, our team is there to help.

We offer a broad range of services that includes installation and commissionning, on-site training, trial protocol design and more for the measurement of a wide range of parameters such as shaft torque, fuel consumption, GPS positioning and more.

Our services and expertise have been used for the evaluation of technology (old and new), equipment adjustements as well as having been a significant step in the establishment of Best Practices in many organizations.

Case Study

In addition to providing permanent solutions for diesel engine performance monitoring, OpDAQ systems also offers on-site performance evaluation. Our team of experienced technicians brings a complete portable measurement kit to your location, monitors the appropriate parameters during the trials and provides a detailed report enabling your organization to make an informed decision or take appropriate action.

Energy saving strategy: Establishing a fleet performance profile

The temporary measurement service has proven to  be a profitable option for Océan Remorquage Québec Inc., a company that operates a fleet of tug boats. Using the portable kit and our analysis software, a graph showing fuel consumption vs engine RPM was obtained for each ship. The result was a precise  fleet  performance profile enabling the company to determine the baseline RPM vs consumption ratio in order to establish new standards. From the detailed report provided by one OpDAQ Systems engineer, the company obtained the necessary data to set new operational instructions for the entire fleet resulting in substantial fuel (and money!) savings.

The choice of OpDAQ Systems temporary measurement solution proved to be a relatively small investment that generated  great benefits.