Software developped by OpDAQ Systems is designed to process and analyse data provided by a wide range of instruments and sensors.  Each package comes with a complete set of basic functions and can easily be adapted to accomodate most specifc needs. Tell us about your requirements, our professional development team can help you find the perfect solution for your unique situation.

All software packages are developped using LabVIEW by National Instruments, a powerful development platform.

Case Study

Propulsion engine balancing: Using the Op-Torq BASIC system to positively impact the fuel burn rate and prevent costly breakdowns.

The owner of three sister bulk ships was concerned because one of his ship was not able to top 15 knots. To investigate the problem, it was decided to temporary monitor torque/power on both main engines during a sea-trial. The test, using Binsfeld TT10K instruments and OpDAQ’s FieldTest software revealed that engines were unbalanced resulting in lower cruise speeds and higher HFO consumption. After completion of engine maintenance and adjustment, the on-board mechanical engineer was also able to fine tune the propeller pitch and finally operate at the best efficiency. According to the ship owner, in addition to resolving his operational problem, the use of the software analytic tools also helped to improve scheduled maintenance practices resulting in lower spare parts expenses.