Software Description

DataView is a software specifically designed to process data transferred from the embedded systems.

DataView allows the creation of detailed and personnalized reports with just a few mouse clicks. The visual interface includes both a statistical and graphical mode displaying the measured data over periods ranging from just a few seconds up to 10 years.

Like most of the products and solutions offered by OpDAQ Systems, the DataView software can be adapted to suit the needs of any particular project. Talk with with our professional development team regarding your specific requirements.

Case study

OpDAQ Systems has developed practical data analysis software for industrial and transportation applications. All recorded parameter, for example: mechanical or electrical power, fuel consumption and speed, can be easily displayed on graph.

Testing new technology: A rail story.
The following account is an example of the analysis capabilities of our software. A large railway company wanted to evaluate the performance of a new technology on train engines (diesel locomotives?) fuel consumption. The test protocols required the ability to analyse the fuel consumption of two locomotives for specific dates and time on specific railroad sections determined by GPS position. (Ajouter une phrase ici qui vante un peu plus les capacités du logiciel) By using our DATAVIEW software’s powerful graph displays to view the test results, before and after the technology introduction, it was easy for the railway company to evaluate the technology performance and calculate the return on investment.