Software Description

The FieldTest v2.0 software along with any Field test acquisition module is a specialized data acquisition system specifically designed for processing, recording, displaying and analysing torque and RPM along with up to four additional parameters. It is the perfect solution for engine performance monitoring for both marine or industrial sectors.

The FieldTest System is built to work in conjunction with world renowned Torquetrak 10K and Torquetrak Revolution measurement instruments from Binsfeld Engineering. The software allows a straight forward data display of the instruments that have been integrated to the Acquisition Module.

Case Study

In addition to a great number of marine customers, OpDAQ Systems has had the opportunity to serve large metallurgical industries, railroad companies, power plants and more. Our software is highly adaptable, easy to use and a powerful diagnostic tool.

Investigating random rotating shaft breakage

The metallurgical industry, like most industries nowadays, has very tight delivery schedules, even tighter profit margins and high maintenance costs.  Delays in production are therefore very costly.

Rotating shafts that break randomly is a major problem that needs to be investigated and fixed as fast as possible. The use of the FieldTest software (along with Binsfeld TT10K instruments) to perform thorough measurements and analysis has proven be a powerful and cost effective solution for a large Stainless Steel factory. The instruments are designed to be easily and rapidly installed and the use of the software provided the engineering team with the necessary data to make the diagnostic. The intuitive interface was much appreciated as there was no need to spend valuable time familiarizing the staff with a new interface, leaving more time for troubleshooting.