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We offer our customers from the maritime and industrial sectors complete, competitive and adaptive solutions, for operational performance optimization based on data acquisition.

Our company specializes in the development, production and installation of instrumentation systems to improve energy management and mechanical performance.

Exclusive distributor of KRAL and Binsfeld Engineering products for eastern Canada,  we offers a range of products to accurately measure the mechanical power and the flow of fluids, including fuel.

Simple and effective, the software we develop are designed to process and analyze real- time data from a multitude of instruments and sensors.

Our services include the installation and repair of instrumentation systems, performance evaluation and custom design instrumentation systems at competitive prices.

« Our team will help you find the solution that best fits your project and budget »

Mission :

Our mission is to develop products and quality services to help measure the energy performance of ships and industrial machinery with high quality tools and innovative rigorous methods to enable our customers to continually optimize their operational practices while satisfying the established standards.

Values :

Professionalism : Our professionalism is exhibited by the culmination of our competence, knowledge, resourcefulness and attitude in relation to how we provide our professionalservices. We intend to continue our pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement to become and remain a partner of choice for our customers.

Innovation : A true pillar of our business strategy, innovation guides each of our actions. We also continually invest in research and development to remain at the forefront in terms of performance evaluation.

Personal growth : We promote a healthy work environment and value as much the professional development of our people as their personal growth.

Teamwork : We are known for our creativity, efficiency and the emphasis we put on teamwork among our team of employees but also with our customers and collaborators. We aim for all our projects to benefit from a diversity of expertise and experiences.

Our story :

Founded in 2008 by three young entrepreneurs, the company OpDAQ Systems is a spin- off from Innovation Maritime, a College Centre for Technology Transfer (CCTT). From its beginnings, the company has adopted an export-led growth strategy that allowed it to carve itself a prominent place on the global marine market, a market without borders.

OpDAQ quickly built on partnering with high profile manufacturers like KRAL (Austria) and Binsfeld Engineering (United States) to distribute its products abroad. While the partner companies provide OpDAQ with visibility and large-scale marketing, OpDAQ’s versatile team of engineers focuses on the development of comprehensive and innovative systems to be sold at a fraction of the price of competition.

Building on the success of the marine sector, the company has expanded its area of expertise to other industrial sectors including ground transportation, remote diesel power plants and wind-diesel hybrid power systems. Despite the current economic downturn, the company continues to grow obtaining major contracts including that of providing the Canadian Coast Guard with fuel management systems.

With a well-established distribution network, the expertise of OpDAQ is now found in over 24 countries.

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